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...the first thing that struck me about the Milab was the detail it provided the recorded sound. Not only did it have more bottom end than I’d expected from a ‘dead’ drum, the top end wasn’t just clicky and defined, there was something elegantly complete about the tone - perhaps this was the sound of the condenser immediately shining through.

...the BDM-01 captured a remarkably defined, true and deep tone, with plenty of highly desirable character in the high mids.

In a nutshell, as far as bass drums were concerned, the BDM-01 managed to deliver in spades with every scenario I threw at it.

...there wasn’t much I could throw at this mic that it didn’t deliver on. Plus, it feels solid and robust - almost bulletproof, which, for a condenser, is a great thing. That would make it a pretty good investment for any studio I’d expect. And as a live bass drum mic, the ease of use and quality of sound would be a lifesaver in most situations.

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Audio Technology (Australia)
I really appreciated how physically easy it was to work with.

[…] this is a really beautiful-sounding microphone. It has a very natural quality to it, a sort of effortless balance that delivers very much what you expect having heard the drum in the room. […] for kick drum it's a fantastic microphone.

Comparing it to the D112 made the AKG sound ugly and pushed in the low end. […] In comparison to the Milab's effortless, natural low end, the D112 sounded almost as if it was hitting the mic amp too hard.

There's something beautiful in the character of this capsule and I think a combination of VM44's and a BDM01 would deliver one of those wonderful recordings that's 'invisible' but not sterile.

This is a microphone that's been designed to a sonic ideal rather than to a budget. It has been designed by ear, not by numbers. It has been designed for the task at hand. It is not cheap, yet neither is it ostentatious. It is the master, not the apprentice.

Summary: A beautiful-sounding, hand-made microphone of a quality that matches its price.

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Sound on Sound (UK)
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