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With thousands of Milab mics in studios all over the world, there is, of course, no way for us to know of even a fraction of the artists, producers and engineers who have recorded or performed live with Milab microphones. This list contains some of the people that we do know are using, or have used, our products. This does not imply endorsement, unless otherwise noted.

Aaron Levinson - Producer - USA
(Grammy Winner, Billboard Award Winner)

"These are some of my favorite mics in the world and they blow the doors off of some much more famous short body condensers that shall remain nameless because I don't want to hurt their little electronic feelings. These are used a lot in Europe and Scandinavia for classical music but I have found, as has Brian (Bricklin), that throwing the pair up on an acoustic guitar will make a grown man cry. Likewise when we used them as a stereo pair as room mics, their results were equally beautiful." (About his Milab VM-44:s)

ABBA - Group - Sweden

Alfredo Malabello - Artist - Australia

Several Milabs used for his 2009 album.

Alison BurnsAlison Burns - Artist - UK

"My Milab microphone comes with me to all my concerts. It almost feels invisible, whilst adding that magic ingredient to my vocal sound."

Alison uses an LSR-3000 for live vocals.

American Hi-FiAmerican Hi-Fi - Group - USA

"The LSR-3000 is a reliable, fail-safe microphone that is one of my go-to tools for both studio work and live performances." - Stacy Jones, lead vocalist

Anders Muhr - Engineer - Sweden

Andreas Scholl - Artist - Germany
(World-renowned countertenor)

"To me this combination of the fantastic 'life-like' quality of the SRND combined with the enormous flexibility it brings to surround AND stereo-recordings makes it truly one of my favourites."

Andrew Bruce - Sound designer - UK
(Mamma Mia, Les Miserable, Miss Saigon etc.)

Ane Brun - Artist - Norway

Norwegian singer/songwriter Ane Brun has been using Milab microphones exclusively on tour the last couple of years. She uses the LSR-3000 for vocals.

Anti Fitness Club - Group - Hungary

B. Larry Gittens with a Milab LC-25B. Larry Gittens - Artist - USA
(Band leader for Stevie Wonder)

"You know, Stevie (Wonder) wants perfection, in his music and the equipment he uses. Take microphones, for example, where I've found a perfect one for him and for the whole Wonderband. It's made in Sweden by Milab."

Backyard Babies - Group - Sweden

Several Milabs used on tour - VM-44:s, DC-96B:s, DC-196:s and the BDM-01.

Barbara Streisand - Artist - USA

Barry Hufker - Engineer/Production manager - USA
(Professor of audio production at Webster University)

Matched pair DC-196:s.

Barry Rudolph - Engineer - USA

Ben Folds - Artist - USA

Ben Howard - Artist - UK

Bil VornDick - Producer - USA
(Multiple Grammy winner. Worked with Alison Krauss, Bob Dylan, James Taylor etc…)

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Group - Sweden

Milab mics almost exlusively on tour.

Bob Dylan with a Milab LC-25Bob Dylan - Artist - USA

LC-25 for live vocals.

Bob Mintzer - Artist - USA

Bobby Aitken - Sound designer - UK
(Mamma Mia, Grease, Showboat etc.)

Bon Jovi - Group - USA

4 x DC-96C:s for their 2018 tour.

Bruce SwedienBruce Swedien - Engineer - USA

"The VIP-50 is the first microphone to come along in over a decade that I would consider one of my first choices for vocals. I just love the sonic clarity."

"For Chaka Khan, I used one of my new Milab VIP-50s, which I consider to be one of the most significant new vocal recording microphones in a decade. Because it has a large capsule, there is a good deal of proximity effect, which can be used to good effectiveness when recording lead vocals."

Cardigans - Group - Sweden

Carmen Fenk - Artist - Switzerland

LSR-3000 for live vocals.

Cerberus Shoal - Group - USA

Chad Franscoviak - Producer/Engineer - USA
(John Mayer)

"It's a great snare mic." (On the VM-44)

Chaka Khan - Artist - USA

VIP-50 for vocals.

Chris Miley - Engineer - UK

"The Milab microphone (LSR-2000) exhibits a smooth frequency response with no harsh edge to the upper frequencies, yet enough HF air to capture the clarity of the performance. Output is very strong: having begun by setting a gain structure suitable for comparable stage condensers I then had to pull back the level by some 4 or 5dB in order to sit the vocal in the mix without overpowering the guitar. Feedback rejection is also excellent, and again I found myself in the satisfying position of being able to reduce my initial level in the monitor mix. The show in question was a vocal/guitar jazz duo, and thanks to the quality of the musicians the mix was relatively straightforward in this situation, but the quality of the microphone really enhanced the the warm midrange of Alison's voice. I can also envisage the Milab being a useful tool in more demanding situations: for female vocalists in larger jazz bands or the rock world, and also as a spot mic for soloists in classical choral work."

Chris Murphy - Engineer - USA
(Nominated for WAMA 'Best Studio Engineer' - 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008)

"They are amazing sounding microphones. Milab DC-96s can capture punch and transients with a transparency that will surprise you. While using this mic, other engineers have walked through the control room, stopped, listened, and then asked, 'Wow! What mic is THAT?!?!?!' When it comes to recording acoustic instruments, this is one of the best microphones available. Guitar, mandolin, piano, whatever! Stunning clarity with lots of punch!"

Claes Jansson - Artist - Sweden

Dan Healy - Engineer - USA
(Grateful Dead)

"The best sounding microphone available for live vocals. Don’t leave home without it." (On the LC-25)

Dan Hylander - Artist - Sweden

LSR-3000 on tour.

DarkaneDarkane - Group - Sweden

Peter Wildoer (drums) says: "I'm using the swedish microphones Milab when I'm recording my drums. They are the cutting edge of studio mics and I'm very happy to record with them. The drums sound great through these high quality microphones! Especially the VM-44 mics works perfect for almost all drums and cymbals, the perfect choice for drum recording."

Dave Kob - Engineer - USA
(Sting, Fleetwood Mac, Madonna, Janet Jackson etc…)

Don Zientara - Producer/Engineer - USA

Donald Harrison's Heroes - Group - USA

Dregen - Artist - Sweden
(Guitarist for Backyard Babies and formerly for The Hellacopters)

DC-196 for studio work.

Electric Boys - Group - Sweden

Eric Marienthal - Artist - USA

Erik Kowarski - Producer - Australia

Fleetwood Mac - Group - USA

Gary Lux with a Milab VIP-50Gary Lux - Engineer - USA
(Manhattan Transfer, Aaron Neville, Janet Jackson etc…)

"With (Manhattan) Transfer, vocals are the deal. I was able to capture a 3-dimensionality feel about the vocal using the VIP-50. It’s a real dichotomy to me. Milab managed to get the warmth of an old ribbon mic as well as the pristine top end of a new generation transistor mic into the one microphone. When you’re recording great singers you need a microphone that is up to the task. That’s why on the Manhattan Transfer album I used the VIP-50. This is a great microphone!"

Gavin Tempany - Engineer - Australia
(Eskimo Joe, Missy Higgins)

Gino Vannelli - Artist - Canada

VIP-50 for vocals on several albums.

Grateful Dead - Group - USA

Hanne Boel - Artist - Denmark

Hellacopters - Group - Sweden

Used almost nothing but Milab mics on their farewell tour in 2008.

Human nature - Group - Australia

James Hewgill - Engineer - Australia
(Dionne Warwick, James Morrison, José Carreras etc…)

James Morrison - Artist - Australia

Owns several VIP-50:s.

Jamie MeyerJamie Meyer - Artist - Sweden
(Winner of Best Singer/Songwriter of The Year, Los Angeles Music Awards 2008)

"Big stages or small clubs - My Milab Microphone is something I couldn't live without when I'm on tour. One of many skills with the Milab microphone is that it has a wider range of picking up your voice but still makes the sound crystal clear. As a singer/songwriter, telling people stories, that's what I'm looking for in a microphone. Milab is the most comfortable microphone to use live and sound engineers I've worked with across the U.S, Sweden & Norway couldn't disagree."

Jan-Eric PerssonJan-Eric Persson - Engineer - Sweden

Jan-Eric Persson has won several awards for his achievments in sound recording. He is the owner of the renowned record company Opus 3 and many of his recordings are considered as reference albums. Jan-Eric is well known for being a pioneer in surround recording. He uses the Milab VIP-50 extensively.

Jeff Buckley - Artist - USA

Milab VIP-50 for studio vocals.

Jill Johnsson - Artist - Sweden

Jim Tract - Production manager/Engineer - USA

"For a long time we had been using a (Telefunken) 251 on the Pointers, and on the last album switched to a (AKG) C12. During the test we put up a 251, a C12 and the VIP-50 to check which was the best mike for the girls. Within 30 seconds the test was over - we recorded all the vocals on the album the the VIP-50."

"From previous experience working with The Pointer Sisters, we narrowed down the mike choice for Michael (McDonald) as follows: the Milab VIP-50, a Telefunken 251 and an AKG C12. We put up all three mikes and could make AB comparisons in the control room. The difference was astronomical. There is no question as to which was the best one: the Milab VIP-50 won the test with Michael hands down. … A clarity, but without the mike being too crisp or strange sounding, The VIP-50 still held the 'warmth' and the 'breathiness' plus the top- and bottom-end response; it sounded clean, crystal clear and right in your face! … There was no contest. We have used nothing else on vocals since that day."

Joe Barresi - Producer/Engineer - USA

Joe Chiccarelli - Producer - USA
(Multiple Grammy winner)

About recording Tori Amos first album: "An exotic thing we did on the record was with Tori’s vocal mic. We were trying out a lot of different vocal mics for Tori, and things like a Telefunken 251 and brighter, airier mics sounded good on her. But we happened to come across this... Swedish mic called a Milab VIP-50, and I think somebody had loaned it to me to check out. But when I tried it on Tori, it really sounded great, so we used that on the majority of the album’s vocal tracks."

Joe Vannelli - Producer - Canada
(Gino Vannelli, Chaka Khan, Marylin Scott, Brenda Russell etc…)

Milab VIP-50 and PML DC-63:s in his studio.

Johan Molund - Engineer - Sweden

"It is truly an amazing microphone that pretty much works on everything." (On the Milab VM-44)

John Mayer - Artist - USA

VM-44 for snare when playing live.

Johnossi - Artist - Sweden

Kavi Alexander - Engineer - Ceylon/Sri Lanka

Legendary recording engineer who won a Grammy for Ry Cooder's A Meeting by the River using custom built EAR-microphones with Milab rectangular capsules. Also uses other Milab models.

Larry Brown - Producer/Engineer - USA

"Milab's LC-25 beats any mic you can buy for twice the price. It’s incredible on vocals when compared with the U87 … superb on acoustic guitar, and I believe better than the KM-88 ... and it wipes out the 414."

Lars Brogaard - Engineer - UK
(Rod Stewart)

"The Milab LSR-2000 we used on Rod Stewart’s vocal during the ‘92 world tour has proved, as usual with Milab products, to be very rugged, withstanding all the knocks and bumps that inevitably occur during live shows. The sound quality is superb. It combined the crisp attributes of a condenser microphone with a dynamic mic’s ability to handle extremely high sound pressure levels and the wide dynamic range present in a close vocal environment. The frequency response of most microphones alters dramatically over its dynamic range, the result usually being that in the 2KHz to 3KHz area the diaphragm produces a peak on transients, which makes a vocal sound unnaturally harsh. The LSR-2000 has no such dynamic related peaks with the vocal sounding smooth and natural over its dynamic range, making the sound engineer’s job that much easier in achieving a controlled mix."

"I also used the VM-44 on Rod’s instrument and drum line up and found that it can be used successfully on a wide variety of applications. The VM-44 achieves a frequency response that allows it to be used on a high hat as well as rack toms, on a drum kit and also when close miking guitar speaker cabinets. A versatile microphone indeed."

"The DC-96B has been a favourite of mine for the snare drum ... maybe to many peoples surprise."

Lena Philipsson - Artist - Sweden

Lola - Artist - Hungary

Lon & Derek Van Eaton - Group - USA

Louise Hoffsten - Artist - Sweden

Magna Cum LaudeMagna Cum Laude - Group - Hungary

Magnus Johansson - Artist - Sweden
(Trumpet player)

Manhattan Transfer with a Milab VIP-50Manhattan Transfer - Vocal group - USA

The VIP-50 was used for vocals on the album 'The Offbeat Of Avenues' (1991).

Mariah Carey - Artist - USA

Two DC-96Bs for drum overheads.

Mark - Artist - Hungary

Martin Taylor (courtesy of P3 Music)Martin Taylor - Artist - UK
(Jazz guitarist)

"I use my Milab mic on all my recordings and live concerts. It's such an essential part of my sound."

Martin uses a Milab DC-96B.

Mattias Dalin - Engineer - Sweden

"The D-37 is great for close up vocals but is in-fact under-estimated as an instrument microphone. I use it on horns, guitar amplifiers, percussion and toms. When an electret-condenser is feasible, the LSR-1000, LSR-2000 and the LC-25 are great for vocals and instruments and can handle the high spl’s of brass. When it comes to drums, overheads, hi-hats, percussion, choirs, acoustic guitars, mandolin, strings, woodwinds and brass, the VM-44 is a good choice. The classic DC-96B has a wonderful nearness and warmth. I have used it on most things including drum overheads and tuba. When you start miking things up with the DC-96Bs you wish you had more of them. If you need the extra features of padding and LF roll-off, the VIP-50 is the prime choice."

Mattias NilssonMattias Nilsson - FOH Engineer - Sweden
(Winner of the 2005 Golden Microphone Award)

Swedish engineer living and working in the USA. Uses several Milab mics for both live sound and studio recordings - including the DC-196 and the Milab Drum Pack.

Melody Club - Group - Sweden

Mainly Milabs when performing live. Custom made Milab vocal mics.

Merit Hemmingson - Artist - Sweden

Michael B Tretow - Producer/Engineer - Sweden

"It's so good it could be used as a reference microphone. And as I always want to try various characteristics, before I settle for the right one, this mic is just what I want to use." (On the VIP-50)

Michael Jackson - Artist - USA

The Milab VIP-50 was the vocal microphone for the 'Dangerous' album (1991) and was also used for 'Thriller Special Edition' (2001).

Michael McDonald - Artist - USA

VIP-50 for vocals.

Michael Ruff - Artist - USA

Miike Snow - Group - Sweden/USA

Mike Hatch - Engineer - UK
(Won Oscar, Grammys, BATFAs, Gramophone Awards and more)

"I have now used the Milab DC-96C on a number of different projects with great success. My initial reaction was that it has a great immediacy and clarity whilst retaining the low end warmth that one always looks for in a high quality capsule. After first trying it as a spot pick up microphone on an orchestral session recording, I was confident enough to try it as a main vocal microphone on an opera arias recital album. This is the type of project which really shows up the shortcomings in any capsule that is not up to the top level, and I am pleased to say that the microphone performed superbly and both the client and I were delighted with the results."

Mike Pelanconi - Producer/Engineer - UK

Miyuki Nakajima - Artist - Japan

Milab LSR-3000 for live vocals.

Monica Zetterlund - Artist - Sweden

Nigel Foster - Engineer - New Zealand

"Recently Airforce (Studios) purchased a pair of Milab VM-44s. My first opportunity to test fly them was during the recording of the Exponents single 'Who Loves Who' with producer/engineer Mike Duffy (formally of Stock/Atkin/Waterman’s studio P.W.L in England). I used them on cymbals, hi-hats, acoustic guitar and tambourine. Mike and I agreed that the microphones displayed excellent top-end response ... the result being a transparent yet silky smooth sound. We achieved a true representation of the source and since then the VM-44’s have been my first choice when capturing high frequency/high transient information."

Nina Persson - Artist - Sweden


Ola Magnell - Artist - Sweden

Olivia Newton-John - Artist - Australia

VIP-50 for vocals

Omar Hakim - Drummer - USA

BDM-01 and 2 x VM-44:s in his recording studio.

One Direction - Group - UK/Ireland

4 x DC-96B:s for drum overheads and guitar amps.

Oscar Linnros - Artist - Sweden

Oscar SöderlundOscar Söderlund - Engineer - Sweden
(Hellacopters, Ane Brun, Melody Club etc…)

Arguably the best FOH engineer in Sweden. Uses Milab mics almost exclusively. In an interview Oscar says: "My favourite microphone is the VM-44. It works for almost everything … it's awesome on toms. I don't understand why people don't use them more - they have a very natural and transparent sound. Tonight I use almost only Milab mics. … My advice to anyone working with live sound is to get a Milab mic."

Pages - Group - USA

Paris Wells - Artist - Australia

Per Gessle - Artist - Sweden

Perikles - Group - Sweden

Pernilla AnderssonPernilla Andersson - Artist/Producer - Sweden

Uses the DC-196 for vocals and instruments.

Peter Noone - Artist - UK

Petter - Artist - Sweden

Pink Floyd - Group - UK

Milab DC-96:s for drums on the revival of "The Wall" tour.

Pixies - Group - USA

Pointer sisters - Group - USA

VIP-50 for vocals.

Queen - Group - UK

Two DC-96Bs for drum overheads.

Quincy Jones - Producer/artist - USA

Quincy Jones has used the VIP-50 for vocals on several albums.

Ray Charles - Artist - USA

The Milab VIP-50 was used for Ray's vocals on several albums.

Reo Speedwagon - Group - USA

All members used the LC-25 for vocals. Kevin Cronin (Lead vocals) said: "The moment I tried the LC-25, I could tell the difference. It's clear, clean and bright. … When I get off the road, I have a great all round mic for my studio."

Richard Page - Artist - USA

Richard Perry - Producer - USA

"The Milab VIP-50 is particularly good for letting you hear the intimacy and clarity of a vocal. … I cannot remember being so impressed with a microphone. The Milab VIP-50 appears to be a very versatile mike. I've tried it on different combinations of male and female voices, and everytime it has won hands down in comparison with all the best mikes available. … It is now my first-choice vocal microphone!"

Rob Agostini - Engineer - Australia

Rod Stewart with a Milab LC-25. © Roger BrinckRod Stewart - Artist - UK

Used several Milab models on tour including the LSR-2000 for vocals, for instance on the classic 1993 MTV Unplugged concert.

Rodney HolmesRodney Holmes - Artist - USA

World class jazz/rock drummer who has played with The Brecker Brothers, Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, Santana (including the hit single 'Smooth') and many others. Uses the Milab Drum Pack (VM-44s and BMD-01) for his drums both live and in the studio.

"I'm always looking to get a full and true sound for my drums. That means plenty of attack while retaining the warmth and tone. The VM-44s deliver the true sound of my instrument. And the BMD-01 gives my kick drum the low end punch without sacrificing power and attack. The perfect combination."

Roger Lindsay - Engineer - UK

"Until the advent of the LC-25, live engineer have had to compromise performance for the sake of 'roadworthiness' because manufacturers did not seem to realise just how much live sound reproduction had advanced in recent years. The 'poor relation' attitude was reflected in the microphones that they offered for live use. Milab, however, have now provided a range of no-compromise, state of the art mics which at last are capable of doing justice to both the artist and the modern sound system, an advance which has been long awaited by myself and many engineers around the world.

Studio performance in a 'live' vocal microphone. I've been waiting for a mic like this for years and the LC-25 has just set a new standard."

Ron Wood - Artist - UK

Ross Levinson - Composer/Engineer - USA

VIP-50 & VM-44:s

Roxette - Group - Sweden

Roy Cherryhomes - Engineer - USA

Matched pair DC-196:s.

Ryan Kelly - Engineer - USA

ScarveScarve - Group - France

Shaz OYE - Artist - Ireland

LSR-3000 for live vocals.

Soilwork - Group - Sweden

Steve Kilbey - Artist/Producer - UK

Lead singer-songwriter and bass guitarist for "The Church".

Steve Remote/Aurasonic - Engineer - USA
(Nominated four times for the TEC awards)

Stevie Nicks - Artist - USA

DC-96:s for drums.

Stevie Wonder - Artist - USA

LC-25 for live vocals.

Sting - Artist - UK

Pair of DC-196:s

Svante Thuresson, Milab LC-25Svante Thuresson - Artist - Sweden

Teddybears - Group - Sweden

Terry Howard - Engineer - USA
(Multiple Grammy winner)

"Sometimes I would suggest he use a different mic and he'd go along with it. But typically we used a Milab (VIP-50) mic; I believe it was from Sweden." (When asked what vocal mics Ray Charles liked.)

The Ark - Group - Sweden

The Bees - Group - UK

The Flower Kings - Group - Sweden

The Hives - Group - Sweden

The Real Group - Vocal group - Sweden

Maja with a Milab LSR-1000The Sounds - Group - Sweden

LSR-1000 for Maja's voice. VM-44 for instrumentals.

Tom Cochrane - Artist - Canada

Tom Scott - Artist - USA

"The truest reproduction of horns and vocals I’ve ever heard." (On the DC-96B)

Tomas Andersson Wij - Artist - Sweden

Tommy Körberg - Artist - Sweden

Tori Amos - Artist - USA

VIP-50 for vocals.

Totta Näslund - Artist - Sweden

Tower of Power - Group - USA

Ulf Lundell - Artist - Sweden

Veronica Maggio - Artist - Sweden

Willie Nelson - Artist - USA

Youth Movies - Group - UK

Zico Chain - Group - UK

Footnote: The information on this page is correct to the best of our knowledge. If you should notice something which seems erroneous or if you have any additional information for this page, please contact us. All images are either published with permission or belong to Milab Microphones AB. If there have been mistakes made and an image is published without permission - please let us know and it will be removed.
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