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Rodney Holmes title




Rodney Holmes with the BDM-01

Rodney Holmes is one of the most highly regarded drummers in the world. His unique combination of feel, groove and amazing technique has made him a very sought after musician. Rodney has played with a number of great artists, e.g. The Brecker Brothers, Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, Santana (including the hit single Smooth). He has also released a solo album - Twelve Months of October.

Also check out Rodney's latest project - Rodney Holmes' LITHIUM TREE - a band with Jim Kost (keyboards and laptop), Ron Jenkins (bass) and Matt Stevens (guitars).

Rodney uses the Milab Drum Pack with VM-44:s and the BDM-01, probably the most exclusive microphone pack for drums on the market.

Rodney says: I'm always looking to get a full and true sound for my drums. That means plenty of attack while retaining the warmth and tone. The VM-44s deliver the true sound of my instrument. And the BMD-01 gives my kick drum the low end punch without sacrificing power and attack. The perfect combination.
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